Depth of manual dismantling analysis: a cost-benefit approach.

  title={Depth of manual dismantling analysis: a cost-benefit approach.},
  author={Charisios Achillas and D. Aidonis and C. Vlachokostas and Avraam Karagiannidis and Nu Moussiopoulos and V. Loulos},
  journal={Waste management},
  volume={33 4},
This paper presents a decision support tool for manufacturers and recyclers towards end-of-life strategies for waste electrical and electronic equipment. A mathematical formulation based on the cost benefit analysis concept is herein analytically described in order to determine the parts and/or components of an obsolete product that should be either non-destructively recovered for reuse or be recycled. The framework optimally determines the depth of disassembly for a given product, taking into… CONTINUE READING