Depth of anisometropic amblyopia and difference in refraction.

  title={Depth of anisometropic amblyopia and difference in refraction.},
  author={Ashley Townshend and Jonathan M. Holmes and Linda S Evans},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={116 4},
Disagreement exists as to whether the depth of anisometropic amblyopia correlates with the degree of anisometropia. We reviewed the charts of 303 consecutive patients with the diagnosis of amblyopia. Thirty-five patients with untreated anisometropia without strabismus were identified. The best-corrected visual acuities, manifest refractions, and autorefractions were recorded. The differences in spherical equivalent, root mean square, and an index of anisometropia, which we defined, were… CONTINUE READING

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