Depressive mood accompanies hypercholesterolemia in young Japanese adults.

  title={Depressive mood accompanies hypercholesterolemia in young Japanese adults.},
  author={Makoto Nakao and Kiyoshi Ando and Shinobu Nomura and Tomifusa Kuboki and Yoshio Uehara and Terushige Toyooka and Toshiro Fujita},
  journal={Japanese heart journal},
  volume={42 6},
Screening of young hypercholesterolemics is important because they are highly susceptible to atherosclerotic diseases. However, in some cases, serum cholesterol level may be elevated temporarily due to stress or other psychological factors. This study examined the effects of mood states on 'persistent' hypercholesterolemia in comparison with 'temporary' hypercholesterolemia among students entering a university. The subjects were 114 untreated first-year students aged 18 to 20 years old. All had… CONTINUE READING
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