Depression-like phenotype following chronic CB1 receptor antagonism.

  title={Depression-like phenotype following chronic CB1 receptor antagonism.},
  author={Chad E. Beyer and Jason M. Dwyer and Michael J. Piesla and Brian J. Platt and Ru Shen and Zia Rahman and Karen M.K. Chan and M T Manners and Tarek A. Samad and Jeffrey D. Kennedy and Brendan Bingham and Garth T. Whiteside},
  journal={Neurobiology of disease},
  volume={39 2},
Rimonabant was the first clinically marketed cannabinoid (CB)(1) receptor antagonist developed to treat obesity. Unfortunately, CB(1) receptor antagonism produced adverse psychiatric events in patients. To determine whether this occurs pre-clinically, we investigated the effects of rimonabant in rodent models of mood disorders. Chronic treatment with rimonabant increased immobility time in the rat forced swim test and reduced the consumption of sucrose-sweetened water in an assay postulated to… CONTINUE READING