Depression and smoking cessation: the role of motivation and self-efficacy.

  title={Depression and smoking cessation: the role of motivation and self-efficacy.},
  author={Ari Haukkala and Antti K Uutela and Erkki Vartiainen and Alfred McAlister and Paul Knekt},
  journal={Addictive behaviors},
  volume={25 2},
The aim of this paper is to examine whether depression, assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory, is related to smoking cessation motivation and self-efficacy. In a population sample of 1,547 Finnish men and 1,856 Finnish women, aged between 25-64 years, there were 34% male and 21% female current smokers. The current smokers had higher mean depression scores than former or never smokers. The higher depression scores were related to greater motivation to quit smoking among female smokers [OR… CONTINUE READING

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