Depression and degree of acceptance of adjuvant cytotoxic drugs.

  title={Depression and degree of acceptance of adjuvant cytotoxic drugs.},
  author={Marco Colleoni and Mario Mandal{\`a} and Giulia Peruzzotti and Cary N. Robertson and Anne Br{\'e}dart and Aaron Goldhirsch},
  volume={356 9238},
An interaction between psychological attitude and outcome in early-stage breast cancer has been postulated, with a possible explanation related to the presumed tendency of depressed patients to be less proactive in obtaining health care. We report on the degree of acceptance of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer who have concomitant depression. Only 20 (51.3%) of the study group accepted and received the proposed chemotherapy compared with 75 (92.2%) of the control group (p<0… CONTINUE READING

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