Depression Across the Reproductive Life Cycle: Correlations Between Events.

  title={Depression Across the Reproductive Life Cycle: Correlations Between Events.},
  author={Robert J. Gregory and Prakash S. Masand and Norma H. Yohai},
  journal={Primary care companion to the Journal of clinical psychiatry},
  volume={2 4},
BACKGROUND: This study examines whether women who become depressed at one reproductive cycle event, e.g., postpartum, are likely to become depressed at other such events. METHOD: Seventy-two women in treatment for major depression were asked to complete a questionnaire assessing mood at 4 different reproductive cycle events, i.e., while premenstrual, taking oral contraceptives, postpartum, or perimenopausal. All diagnoses were made using DSM-III-R criteria. Rank-order correlations (r) were… CONTINUE READING
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