Depressed mood in class III obesity predicted by weight-related stigma.

  title={Depressed mood in class III obesity predicted by weight-related stigma.},
  author={Eunice Y Chen and Lindsey E Bocchieri-Ricciardi and Daniel J Munoz and Sarah A. Fischer and Shawn N. Katterman and Megan Roehrig and Maureen Dymek-Valentine and John C Alverdy and Daniel Le Grange},
  journal={Obesity surgery},
  volume={17 5},
BACKGROUND Greater depressed mood in Class III obese surgery-seeking clients may be due to weight-related stigma, weight-related physical disability (e.g. mobility) or the presence of binge-eating (BE). METHODS 60 Class III obese surgery-seeking adults were administered the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), weight-related physical disability (IWQOL-PF) and another weight-related stigma (IWQOL-PD), and assessed for BE (SCID-1 or Questionnaire of Eating and Weight Patterns) before surgery… CONTINUE READING