Depolarization-dependent effect of flavonoids in rat uterine smooth muscle contraction elicited by CaCl2.

  title={Depolarization-dependent effect of flavonoids in rat uterine smooth muscle contraction elicited by CaCl2.},
  author={M. P. Revuelta and Bego{\~n}a Cantabrana and Agustı́n Hidalgo},
  journal={General pharmacology},
  volume={29 5},
Involvement of cAMP and beta-adrenoceptors in the relaxing effect elicited by flavonoids on rat uterine smooth muscle.
It is suggested that genistein, kaempferol and quercetin produced the relaxation of uterine smooth muscle by increasing intracellular cAMP and Beta-adrenoceptors could also be involved in the effect of quercETin.
Dual effect of quercetin on rat isolated portal vein smooth muscle contractility
Summary This study examined the effects of quercetin on spontaneously contracting portal veins isolated from healthy young adult male and female Wistar rats (250–300 g). Quercetin (10-7–10-4 M)
Essential oil from Lippia microphylla Cham. modulates nitric oxide pathway and calcium influx to exert a tocolytic effect in rat uterus
The tocolytic effect of LM-OE on rat involves positive modulation of NO/NOS/sGC/PKG/K+-channels pathway and Ca2+ influx blockade through CaV1, suggesting voltage-gated calcium channels type-1 (CaV1) blockade.
Tocolytic action and underlying mechanism of galetin 3,6-dimethyl ether on rat uterus
Tocolytic effect of FGAL on rat uterus occurs by pseudo-irreversible noncompetitive antagonism of OTR and activation of K+ channels, primarily BKCa, leading to calcium influx reduction through CaV.
Relaxant effects of flavonoids on the mouse isolated stomach: structure-activity relationships.
Octyl Gallate Inhibits ATP-induced Intracellular Calcium Increase in PC12 Cells by Inhibiting Multiple Pathways.
  • Yujie GuoYi Jae Hong S. Yoon
  • Biology
    The Korean journal of physiology & pharmacology : official journal of the Korean Physiological Society and the Korean Society of Pharmacology
  • 2010
It is concluded that octyl gallate inhibits ATP-induced [Ca(2+)](i) increase in PC12 cells by inhibiting both non-selective P2X receptor-mediated influx of Ca(2+) from extracellular space and P2Y receptor-induced release of Ca’s from intracellular stores in protein kinase-independent manner.


Effects of nonsteroidal antiestrogens in the in vitro rat uterus.
The results indicate that the inhibitory effects of nonsteroidal antiestrogens on rat uterine contractions could be mediated by an action to block Ca2+ entry through an agonist action on extracellular estrogen receptors.
Involvement of cAMP in the Spasmolytic Effect of Diclofenac on Rat Uterine Smooth Muscle
The results suggest that the spasmolytic effect of diclofenac is mediated by cAMP.
Effects of phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate and H-7 in extravascular smooth muscle contraction.
A dual effect of PDB related to calcium, and a direct and PKC-independent inhibitory effect of H-7 is suggested, which relaxed, in a concentration-dependent way, the tonic contractions induced by oxytocin and vanadate in the rat uterus incubated in Ca-free medium.