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Deployment of a Grid-Based Medical Imaging Application

  title={Deployment of a Grid-Based Medical Imaging Application},
  author={Salvator R. Amendolia and Florida Estrella and Chiara Del Frate and Jose Galvez and Wassem Hassan and Tamas Hauer and David Manset and Richard McClatchey and Mohammed Odeh and Dmitri Rogulin and Tony Solomonides and Ruth Warren},
  journal={Studies in health technology and informatics},
The MammoGrid project has deployed its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based Grid application in a real environment comprising actual participating hospitals. The resultant setup is currently being exploited to conduct rigorous in-house tests in the first phase before handing over the setup to the actual clinicians to get their feedback. This paper elaborates the deployment details and the experiences acquired during this phase of the project. Finally the strategy regarding migration to an… 

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