Deploying PHP applications on IBM DB2 in the cloud: MediaWiki as a case study

  title={Deploying PHP applications on IBM DB2 in the cloud: MediaWiki as a case study},
  author={Leons Petrazickis},
  booktitle={Conference of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research},
  • Leons Petrazickis
  • Published in
    Conference of the Centre for…
    2 November 2009
  • Computer Science
Cloud computing is a simple idea. Building every new server by hand is inordinately time consuming; instead, it's better to create a server image, automate and script anything which used to require manual intervention, and use virtualization to instantly deploy as many servers as needed. In a public cloud context, such as Amazon EC2, this also eliminates initial capital costs for a project. In cloud computing, one does not need to buy servers, instead they can use provision virtual ones on… 

Design support for performance- and cost-efficient (re)distribution of cloud applications

The transformation of capital into operational expenditures when using private or public clouds has become a reality and the increase of available cloud services together with the materialization of DevOps methodologies have forced a change in how software is engineered and operated.

Design Support for Performance Aware Dynamic Application (Re-)Distribution in the Cloud

This work scope the discussion on the persistence layer of applications and investigates the effect of different deployment scenarios on the performance of the application over time and proposes an application (re-)distribution design support process, which is evaluated empirically by means of a well-known application.