Dependency Treebank for Russian: Concept, Tools, Types of Information


'File paper describes a tagging scheme designed for the Russian Treebank, and presents tools used for corpus creation. 1. l n t r o d u d o r y Remarks The present paper describes a project aimed at developing the first annotated corpus of P, ussian texts. I.arge text coq~ora trove been used in the computational linguistics community long enough: at present… (More)


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@inproceedings{Boguslavsky2000DependencyTF, title={Dependency Treebank for Russian: Concept, Tools, Types of Information}, author={Igor Boguslavsky and Svetlana Grigorieva and Nikolai Grigoriev and Leonid Kreidlin and Nadezhda Frid}, booktitle={COLING}, year={2000} }