Dependency Theory Revisited

  title={Dependency Theory Revisited},
  author={Biswanath Ghosh},
Part 1 The ontology of dependency: what is dependency? the historicity macrocosmic and microcosmic systems distinctions between microcosmic system and macrocosmic system the nature of dependency and exploitation mechanism and surplus extraction the convergence in the dependency models the epistemic basis of dependency theory dependency studies in a developing country towards an appraisal. Part 2 Karl Marx on development and underdevelopment: on the nature of development on the nature of… 

The Contributions of the political economy approach: An analysis of Socio-economic development in Indonesia

This article explores in what ways political economy as an analytical framework for developmental studies has contributed to scholarships on Indonesian’s contemporary discourse of development. In

Geopolitics of China's Rising Media and Soft Power in Africa: Eating and Being Eaten

  • W. Mano
  • Political Science
  • 2021
Abstract China is part of a group of countries rapidly projecting their geopolitical power in an expanded engagement with Africa. The extent to which this is imperialism is debatable among Africans,

Center-Periphery Structures and Dependency: A Theoretical and Methodological Proposal

Capitalist world-economy is composed of center-periphery structures where central countries exercise a higher structural power than the periphery. In order to gain a better theoretical and empirical

the Economic Development of Zambia

  • Economics
  • 2017
Background and problem: Several scholars have been trying to explain economic development and why it is flourishing in some areas and lagging behind in others. The link between Africa’s colonial

Do Colonial Attitudes Influence the Media’s Response to Humanitarian Crises?

Although Aime Cesaire’s words were first published in 1950 in his critique of colonialism, Discours sur le colonialisme, they still have a resounding relevance to today, as does Fela Kuti’s

Complementary Currencies for Humanitarian Aid

The humanitarian sector has gone through a major shift toward injection of cash into vulnerable communities as its core modality. On this trajectory toward direct currency injection, something new

Mariátegui and Dependency Theory: Reviewing a Powerful Inheritance in Latin American Thought

A review of the multiple approaches to dependency theory alongside some of the thoughts on dependency of José Carlos Mariátegui highlights the contributions that Mariátegui could make to the

The global south, degrowth and The Simpler Way movement: the need for structural solutions at the global level

ABSTRACT In a recent edition of Globalizations, Hickel and Trainer discuss the degrowth and The Simpler Way movement in regard to the global South. This author contributes a different point of view

Dependence of Ukrainian economy on industrial import and prerequisites of forming effective industrial specialization

The relevance of the research theme is conditioned by deepening of the Ukrainian economy deindustrialization and its import dependence. The key feature of high import dependence is the huge deficit