Dependence of transverse magnetothermoelectric effects on inhomogeneous magnetic fields

  title={Dependence of transverse magnetothermoelectric effects on inhomogeneous magnetic fields},
  author={Anatoly S. Shestakov and Maximilian Schmid and Daniel Carsten n{\'e} Meier and Timo Kuschel and Christian H. Back},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Transverse magnetothermoelectric effects are studied in permalloy thin films grown on MgO substrates. We find that small parasitic magnetic fields below 1 Oe can produce artifacts of the order of 1% of the amplitude of the anisotropic magnetothermopower which is also detected in the experiments. The measured artifacts reveal a new source of uncertainties for the detection of the transverse spin Seebeck effect in conductive ferromagnets. Taking these results into account we conclude that the… 

Quantitative separation of the anisotropic magnetothermopower and planar Nernst effect by the rotation of an in-plane thermal gradient

The angular dependence of the magnetothermopower with respect to the magnetization direction reveals a phase shift, that allows the quantitative of the thermopower, the anisotropic magnetotheropower and the planar Nernst effect in a permalloy thin film.

Spin Caloritronic Measurements: A Round Robin Comparison of the Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect

A round robin test performed by five partners on a single device highlighted the reproducibility problems related to the measurements of thespin Seebeck coefficient, the quantity that describes the strength of the spin Seebeck effect.

Spincaloritronic Measurements: A Round Robin Comparison of the Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect

The rising field of spin caloritronics focuses on the interactions between spin and heat currents in a magnetic material; the observation of the spin Seebeck effect opened the route to this branch of

Unconventional spin-dependent thermopower in epitaxial Co2Ti0.6V0.4Sn0.75 Heusler film

Relation of planar Hall and planar Nernst effects in thin film permalloy

We present measurements of the planar Nernst effect (PNE) and the planar Hall effect (PHE) of nickel-iron (Ni–Fe) alloy thin films. We suspend the thin-film samples, measurement leads, and

Thermal effects in spintronic materials and devices: An experimentalist’s guide

  • B. Zink
  • Physics
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • 2022

Spin‐Dependent Thermoelectric Transport in Cobalt‐Based Heusler Alloys

Sitting at the intersection of spintronics and thermoelectricity, research investigating the coupling of thermoelectric, magnetic, and electrical transport properties in materials has recently found

Heat, Charge and Spin Transport of Thin Film Nanostructures

Understanding of fundamental physics of transport properties in thin film nanostructures is crucial for application in spintronic, spin caloritronics and thermoelectric applications. Much of the

Comment on “Optical detection of transverse spin-Seebeck effect in permalloy film using Sagnac interferometer microscopy”

Measuring spin currents and spin accumulations is challenging. This is mainly because of their small size and the lack of a standard spin detector comparable to conventional ampere meters or voltage



Magnetization Oscillations and Waves

Isotropic Ferromagnet Magnetized to Saturation Ferromagnetism Elementary Magnetic Moments Paramagnetism Weiss Theory Exchange Interaction Equation of Motion of Magnetization High-Frequency Magnetic

I and J


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Since we perform averaging of the experimental Vy data points from ±40 to ±44 Oe, a range of H = −42

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