Dependence of effective mass on spin and valley degrees of freedom.

  title={Dependence of effective mass on spin and valley degrees of freedom.},
  author={Tayfun Gokmen and Medini Padmanabhan and M. Rahim Shayegan},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 14},
  • Tayfun Gokmen, Medini Padmanabhan, M. Rahim Shayegan
  • Published in Physical review letters 2008
  • Physics, Medicine
  • We measure the effective mass (m) of interacting two-dimensional electrons confined to an AlAs quantum well while we change the conduction-band valley occupation and the spin polarization via the application of strain and magnetic field, respectively. Compared to its band value, m is enhanced unless the electrons are fully valley- and spin-polarized. Incidentally, in the fully spin- and valley-polarized regime, the electron system exhibits an insulating behavior. 

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