Dependence of critical current density on oxygen exposure in Nb-AlO/sub x/-Nb tunnel junctions

  title={Dependence of critical current density on oxygen exposure in Nb-AlO/sub x/-Nb tunnel junctions},
  author={A. W. Kleinsasser and R Miller and W. H. Mallison},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
We demonstrate that a large fraction of the available data relating the critical current density J/sub c/ of superconducting Nb-AlO/sub x/-Nb tunnel junctions to oxidation parameters can be accounted for by a single, nearly universal dependence. For fixed oxidation temperature, J/sub c/ does not depend independently on oxygen partial pressure and oxidation time, but only on their product. There are two distinct regimes in this dependence, corresponding to high and low J/sub c/.<<ETX>> 

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