Dependence of bakelite resistivity on temperature and humidity

  title={Dependence of bakelite resistivity on temperature and humidity},
  author={Roberta Arnaldi and Elisa Chiavassa and Anna Maria Colla and Pietro Cortese and Giulio Dellacasa and Nora De Marco and Andrea Ferretti and Miguel Gallio and R. Gemme and Alfredo Musso and Chiara Oppedisano and A. Piccotti and Francesco Poggio and Enrico Scomparin and G. Travaglia and E. Vercellin and F. Yermia},
  journal={IEEE Symposium Conference Record Nuclear Science 2004.},
  pages={526-528 Vol. 1}
The use of bakelite as electrodes for resistive plate chambers is widespread. The performance of RPC's, in particular its rate capability, strongly depends on the bulk resistivity of the electrodes. Since the bakelite resistivity changes as a function of temperature and humidity, we have performed several resistivity measurements of a melaminic bakelite sample in order to investigate this dependence. Two sets of measurement at well controlled environmental conditions were performed: the former… CONTINUE READING


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