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Dependable agent systems

  title={Dependable agent systems},
  author={Mark T. Greaves and Victoria Stavridou-Coleman and Robert Laddaga},
  journal={IEEE Intelligent Systems \& Their Applications},

Supporting architectural design of acknowledged SoS

SOAR (“General Process for Acknowledged SoS Software Architectures”) is presented, which can positively support the instantiation of architecting processes for acknowledged SoS and contribute to the development and evolution of these complex, software-intensive systems.

Supporting architectural design of acknowledged Software-intensive Systems- of-Systems. (Support à la conception architecturale de systèmes-de-systèmes reconnus à logiciel prépondérant)

SOAR (General Process for Acknowledged SoS Software Architectures) is presented that supports the modeling and enactment of architectural design processes for acknowledged SoS, and comprises a high-level kernel that describes what must be done when architecting SoS and also three practices to guide how to perform architectural analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Automating Academic Tasks (AAT) - An Agent Based Approach

  • U. ManzoorS. Nefti-MezianiJ. IrfanM. Murtaza
  • Computer Science, Education
    2012 IEEE 14th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communication & 2012 IEEE 9th International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems
  • 2012
This paper intends to bridge the gap between the students, the faculty and the administration by bringing everything that is relevant to the campus and academic activity to the students in time.

Smart delivery: a cooperative multi-agent framework for optimised delivery service

The proposed smart delivery: a cooperative multi-agent framework for optimised delivery service to transfer packets from source to destinations in randomly varying environment in the most efficient way with the help of mobile agents is proposed.

Distributed Cognitive Mobile Agent Framework for Social Cooperation: Application for Packet Moving

The proposed framework is based on layered agent architecture and uses decentralized approach and once initialized manages all the activities autonomously with the help of mobile agents.

Modeling and analysis of multi-agent systems using petri nets

This work is a preliminary investigation on methodologies for modeling, analysis and design of multi-agent systems based on the abstract architecture for intelligent agents using Petri nets.

Ensuring Data Security and Consistency in FTIMA - A Fault Tolerant Infrastructure for Mobile Agents

This paper has modified FTIMA architecture to ensure that the user request reaches the destination server securely and without any change and has used triple DES for encryption/ decryption and MD5 algorithm for validity of message.