Departing ‘Secularism’: boundary appropriation and extension of the Syrian state in the religious domain since 2011

  title={Departing ‘Secularism’: boundary appropriation and extension of the Syrian state in the religious domain since 2011},
  author={Rahaf Aldoughli},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={360 - 385}
  • Rahaf Aldoughli
  • Published 11 August 2020
  • Sociology
  • British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
ABSTRACT Despite the official secularity of the Syrian state, religion has always been a viable instrument used by the Baˈathist regime to consolidate its authority and legitimacy. Taking different historical trajectories ranging from confrontation to co-optation, the boundaries between state and religion have shifted to conflation in the post-2011 uprising. The official political rhetoric has become explicitly religious and anti-secular, ending an era of official secularity since the 1970s… 

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