Deoxyribonucleic acid reassociation in the taxonomy of the genus Chlorella

  title={Deoxyribonucleic acid reassociation in the taxonomy of the genus Chlorella},
  author={Volker A. R. Huss and K. H. Wein and Erich Kessler},
  journal={Archives of Microbiology},
DNA homologies of 14 strains of Chlorella protothecoides were determined. All strains are related by a high degree of DNA similarity (96–102% D) with the exception of strain 211-11 a which proved to belong to C. kessleri. There is, however, no detectable DNA homology with strains of the genus Prototheca which is supposed to have evolved from C. protothecoides by loss of photosynthetic pigments. Even within Prototheca the low degree of DNA similarity indicates a heterogeneity similar to that… CONTINUE READING