Dentofacial disharmony: motivations for seeking treatment.

  title={Dentofacial disharmony: motivations for seeking treatment.},
  author={Ceib L. Phillips and Hillary L. Broder and Maria E Bennett},
  journal={The International journal of adult orthodontics and orthognathic surgery},
  volume={12 1},
Patients whose skeletal disharmony was severe enough to warrant a surgical treatment option completed a 24-item Motives for Treatment questionnaire. Each item was rated from (1) not at all a reason to (4) very much a reason. Items were grouped to form six dimensions. An average score of 3.0 or greater on a given dimension was considered a strong motivation. Of the 135 patients who completed the questionnaire, 16% of the patients had primarily a self-image motivation, 4% primarily an oral… CONTINUE READING