Dentition and Jaw of Kokopellia juddi, a Primitive Marsupial or Near-Marsupial from the Medial Cretaceous of Utah

  title={Dentition and Jaw of Kokopellia juddi, a Primitive Marsupial or Near-Marsupial from the Medial Cretaceous of Utah},
  author={Richard L. Cifelli and Christian de Muizon},
  journal={Journal of Mammalian Evolution},
We add to the knowledge of the dentition and lower jaw of the primitive marsupial or near marsupial, Kokopellia juddi, based on newly collected materials from the medial Cretaceous (Albian–Cenomanian) of central Utah. The dental formula, i4 c1 p3 m4, is primitive for (or with respect to) Marsupialia, as are a number of features of the dentary and dentition: presence of a labial mandibular foramen, ?an inflected angle, ?and a trace of the meckelian groove; lack of “staggering” of the lower… CONTINUE READING


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