Dentists' knowledge about anaphylaxis caused by local anaesthetics.

  title={Dentists' knowledge about anaphylaxis caused by local anaesthetics.},
  author={Feyzullah Çetinkaya and Gorkem Sezgin and O Mert Aslan},
  journal={Allergologia et immunopathologia},
  volume={39 4},
BACKGROUND IgE-mediated systemic reactions to local anaesthetics may be seen--although rarely--by dentists. However, it is not known whether dentists are familiar with symptoms, signs and management of anaphylaxis. METHODS In this study we aimed to evaluate knowledge of dentists of the symptoms and signs and current treatment of anaphylaxis. For this, some dentists working in their private offices in Istanbul were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire with 15 questions related to… CONTINUE READING

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