Dentine-pulp tissue engineering in miniature swine teeth by set calcium silicate containing bioactive molecules.


OBJECTIVE The present study aims to investigate whether reparative dentinogenesis could be guided at central pulpal sites or at a distance from the amputated pulp of miniature pig teeth, by using set calcium silicate-based carriers containing human recombinant bioactive molecules. DESIGN Pulp exposures were performed in 72 permanent teeth of 4 healthy miniature swine. The teeth were capped with pre-manufactured implants of set calcium silicate-based material containing BMP-7, TGFβ1 or WnT-1, for 3 weeks. Conical-shaped intrapulpal implants were exposed in the central pulp core, while disc-shaped extrapulpal implants were placed at a distance from the amputated pulp. Implants without bioactive molecules were used as controls. Thickness and forms of new matrix mineralized deposition were assessed histologically at post-operative periods of 3 weeks by light microscopy. RESULTS Intrapulpal applications: Calcified structures composed of osteodentine were found in contact with the BMP-7 implants. An inhomogeneous calcified tissue matrix was found around the WnT-1 carriers. A two-zone calcified structure composed of osteodentine and a thicker tubular matrix zone was seen at the TGFβ1 carrier-pulp interface. Extrapulpal applications: The space between WnT-1 implants and pulp periphery had been invaded by soft tissue with traces of calcified foci. Thick calcified structures composed of osteodentine were found surrounding pulp exposure sites in response to application of BMP-7. Spindle-shaped cells associated with atubular calcified matrix or elongated polarized cells associated with tubular dentine-like matrix were found along the cut dentinal walls of the TGFβ1 group. CONCLUSION The present experiments indicated that set calcium silicate could be used as carrier for biologically active molecules. TGFβ1 was shown to be an effective bioactive molecule in guiding tertiary dentine formation.

DOI: 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2016.10.023

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