Dental enamel matrix: sequences of two amelogenin polypeptides.

  title={Dental enamel matrix: sequences of two amelogenin polypeptides.},
  author={Alan G. Fincham and Alain Belcourt and John D. Termine and William T. Butler and W C Cothran},
  journal={Bioscience reports},
  volume={1 10},
The amino acid sequences of a leucine-rich amelogenin polypeptide (LRAP) and a tyrosine-rich amelogenin polypeptide (TRAP), isolated from foetal bovine enamel matrix, were determined. Both LRAP and TRAP occurred in two forms; in each case, one of the molecular species appeared to be shortened at the COOH terminus by 2 and 4 residues, respectively. A striking finding was that LRAP and TRAP had identical sequences for the first 33 residues but were almost completely different for the remaining 12… CONTINUE READING