Dental caries in schoolchildren of an Estonian and a Danish municipality.

  title={Dental caries in schoolchildren of an Estonian and a Danish municipality.},
  author={E Dragheim and Poul Erik Petersen and Isuf Kalo and Mare Saag},
  journal={International journal of paediatric dentistry},
  volume={10 4},
OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to describe the prevalence rate and the severity of dental caries in Estonian schoolchildren aged 7 and 12 and to compare the findings with those of Danish children. DESIGN Cross-sectional surveys in Estonia and Denmark, clinical oral examinations of children in 1997. SAMPLES AND METHODS In Estonia, 195 children aged 7 and 215 children of age 12 were selected in the municipality of Tartu in schools identified for oral health promotion projects. In… CONTINUE READING

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