Dental and oral complications of lip and tongue piercings

  title={Dental and oral complications of lip and tongue piercings},
  author={Roeland J. G. De Moor and A M J C De Witte and Katleen Ilse Maria Delm{\'e} and Mieke A. A. De Bruyne and Geert Hommez and D Goyvaerts},
  journal={British Dental Journal},
Piercing of the tongue and perioral regions is an increasingly popular expression of body art, with more patients coming in for a routine check-up with tongue and/or lip piercings. Several complications of oral piercing have been reported, some of which are life-threatening. In the present clinical survey the prevalence of both tongue and lip piercing complications in oral health was assessed in a group of 50 patients. The most common dental problem registered was chipping of the teeth… CONTINUE READING