Dental abnormalities in children submitted to antineoplastic therapy.

  title={Dental abnormalities in children submitted to antineoplastic therapy.},
  author={Nilza Nelly Fontana Lopes and Ant{\^o}nio S{\'e}rgio Petrilli and Eliana Maria Monteiro Caran and Cristiane M França and Israel Chilvarquer and Henrique Manoel Lederman},
  journal={Journal of dentistry for children},
  volume={73 3},
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess, by panoramic radiographs, the prevalence of morphological dental changes in children with cancer who were submitted for chemotherapy alone or concomitant radiotherapy of the head and neck. METHODS All patients admitted between March, 1996 and February, 2004 were analyzed and 137 were included in this retrospective, nonrandomized, institutional study. The rates of microdontia, taurodontia, anodontia, macrodontia, blunt root, and tapered root… CONTINUE READING
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