Density-velocity Relationship in the Upper Lithosphere Obtained from P-and S-wave Velocity Models along the Eurobridge ’ 97 Seismic Profile and Gravity Data

  title={Density-velocity Relationship in the Upper Lithosphere Obtained from P-and S-wave Velocity Models along the Eurobridge ’ 97 Seismic Profile and Gravity Data},
  author={E. V. Kozlovskaya and Tomasz JANIK and Jukka YLINIEMI and German KARATAYEV and Marek GRAD},
Traditionally, joint interpretation of seismic refraction and wide-angle reflection data and gravity data is based upon a well-known correlation between seismic P-wave velocity and density proved by numerous laboratory investigations of elastic properties of crustal rocks. One of the problems connected with this approach is that rocks with high content of calcium-reach plagioclase have higher P-wave velocity and do not satisfy the common density-Vp relationship. That is why joint interpretation… CONTINUE READING


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