Density-temperature-softness scaling of the dynamics of glass-forming soft-sphere liquids.


We employ the principle of dynamic equivalence between soft-sphere and hard-sphere fluids [Phys. Rev. E 68, 011405 (2003)] to describe the interplay of the effects of varying the density n, the temperature T, and the softness (characterized by a softness parameter ν(-1)) on the dynamics of glass-forming soft-sphere liquids in terms of simple scaling rules. The main prediction is the existence of a dynamic universality class associated with the hard-sphere fluid, constituted by the soft-sphere systems whose dynamic parameters depend on n, T, and ν only through the reduced density n*≡nσ(HS)(T*,ν). A number of scaling properties observed in recent experiments and simulations involving glass-forming fluids with repulsive short-range interactions are found to be a direct manifestation of this general dynamic equivalence principle.

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