Density profile measurements by AM reflectometry in TJ-II

  title={Density profile measurements by AM reflectometry in TJ-II},
  author={T C Alejandro Estrada and J. Carmona S{\'a}nchez and Boudewijn van Milligen and Luis Cupido and Ant{\'o}nio Rito Silva and Maria Emmlia Manso and Viktor Y. Zhuravlev},
An amplitude modulation reflectometry system is in operation at the stellarator TJ-II. Recently, the first electron density profiles were obtained, showing good agreement with profiles measured by Thomson scattering and lithium beam diagnostics. In order to measure density profiles from the plasma edge, the extraordinary mode of polarization is used. A hyper-abrupt varactor-tuned oscillator used in combination with active multipliers generate two frequency segments: 25-36 and 36-50 etc GHz… CONTINUE READING