Density functionals for the strong-interaction limit

  title={Density functionals for the strong-interaction limit},
  author={Michael C. Seidl and John P Perdew and Stefan Kurth},
The strong-interaction limit of density-functional (DF) theory is simple and provides information required for an accurate resummation of DF perturbation theory. Here we derive the point-charge-plus-continuum (PC) model for that limit, and its gradient expansion. The exchange-correlation (xc) energy ${E}_{\mathrm{xc}}[\ensuremath{\rho}]\ensuremath{\equiv}{\ensuremath{\int}}_{0}^{1}d\ensuremath{\alpha}{W}_{\ensuremath{\alpha}}[\ensuremath{\rho}]$ follows from the xc potential energies ${W}_… CONTINUE READING