Density functional theory for hard-sphere mixtures: the White Bear version mark II

  title={Density functional theory for hard-sphere mixtures: the White Bear version mark II},
  author={Hendrik Hansen-Goos and Roland Roth},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
  pages={8413 - 8425}
In the spirit of the White Bear version of fundamental measure theory we derive a new density functional for hard-sphere mixtures which is based on a recent mixture extension of the Carnahan–Starling equation of state. In addition to the capability to predict inhomogeneous density distributions very accurately, like the original White Bear version, the new functional improves upon consistency with an exact scaled-particle theory relation in the case of the pure fluid. We examine consistency in… 

Alternative fundamental measure theory for additive hard sphere mixtures.

An alternative fundamental measure theory for hard sphere mixtures incorporating Boublik's multicomponent extension of highly accurate Kolafa's equation of state for pure hard spheres and some improvement over the original Rosenfeld's FMT and its modification at the contact region is presented.

Fundamental measure theory for hard-sphere mixtures: a review

  • R. Roth
  • Physics
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2010
This review aims to provide a starting point for readers new to fundamental measure theory and an overview of important developments.

Contact values of highly asymmetric hard sphere mixtures from Fundamental Measure Density Functional Theory

The White Bear version of Fundamental Measure Theory (FMT-WB) has been tested in binary mixtures of hard spheres in the vicinity of the colloidal limit, where the size ratio of the two species is

Generalization of the Fundamental-Measure Theory Beyond Hard Potentials: The Square-Well Fluid Case

The fundamental-measure theory (FMT) developed at the end of the 1980s for hard-sphere inhomogeneous fluids has revolutionized density functional theories (DFTs), allowing one to describe accurately

Thermodynamics of the hard-disk fluid at a planar hard wall: Generalized scaled-particle theory and Monte Carlo simulation.

A generalized scaled-particle theory for the uniform hard-disk mixture is derived in the spirit of the White Bear II free energy of the hard-sphere fluid and Monte Carlo simulations find excellent overall agreement between theory and simulation but it also becomes apparent that the set of scaled- particle variables available in d = 2 is too limited, prohibiting a quasi-exact result for γ.

Long-range weight functions in fundamental measure theory of the non-uniform hard-sphere fluid

  • H. Hansen-Goos
  • Physics
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2016
A free energy is constructed which is based on the accurate Carnahan-Starling equation of state, rather than the Percus-Yevick compressibility equation underlying standard FMT, to improve agreement close to contact.

Fundamental measure theory for non-spherical hard particles: predicting liquid crystal properties from the particle shape.

Improvements of the DFT framework fundamental measure theory for hard bodies are presented and validated and it is shown that the phase diagram for spherocylinders is described with similar accuracy in both versions of the theory.

Explicitly stable fundamental-measure-theory models for classical density functional theory.

It is shown that within the present paradigm, explicit stability of the functional can be achieved only at the cost of giving up accuracy at low densities, and argued that this is an acceptable trade-off since the main value of DFT lies in the study of dense systems.

Communication: Dynamical density functional theory for dense suspensions of colloidal hard spheres.

The theory accurately yields the crossover from free diffusion at short times to the slower long-time diffusion in a crowded environment and is in excellent agreement with numerical simulations even in the dense liquid phase.



Close to the edge of fundamental measure theory: a density functional for hard-sphere mixtures

We analyse the structure of the fundamental measure theory for the free energy density functional of hard-sphere mixtures. A comparative study of the different versions of the theory, and other

Structures of hard-sphere fluids from a modified fundamental-measure theory

We reformulate Rosenfeld’s fundamental-measure theory using the excess Helmholtz energy density from the Boublik–Mansoori–Carnahan–Starling–Leland equation of state instead of that from the

Free-energy model for the inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid mixture and density-functional theory of freezing.

A free-energy density functional for the inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid mixture is derived from general basic considerations and yields explicit analytic expressions for the high-order direct

Depletion potential in hard-sphere mixtures: theory and applications

  • RothEvansDietrich
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 2000
An accurate parametrization of the depletion potential in hard-sphere fluids, which should be useful for effective Hamiltonian studies of phase behavior and colloid structure.

Free-energy density functional for the inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid: Application to interfacial adsorption.

  • KierlikRosinberg
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1990
A simplified version of the free-energy density functional for the inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid mixture recently derived by Rosenfeld generates a triplet-direct-correlation function for the one-component fluid, which is in good agreement with Monte Carlo simulation results.

Density functional for hard sphere crystals: A fundamental measure approach

  • Tarazona
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 2000
A new free energy density functional for hard spheres is presented, along the lines of the fundamental measure theory, which reproduces the Percus-Yevick equation of state and direct correlation

A new generalization of the Carnahan-Starling equation of state to additive mixtures of hard spheres.

A new equation of state for hard-sphere mixtures is defined which is found to be more accurate than the former equations when compared to available computer simulation data for binary and ternary mixtures.

Free-energy model for the inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid in D dimensions: Structure factors for the hard-disk (D=2) mixtures in simple explicit form.

  • Rosenfeld
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1990
An analytic theory for the structure factors of the hard-disk mixture is derived and should be useful as reference for the statistical-thermodynamic analysis of two-dimensional systems.

Fundamental-measure free-energy density functional for hard spheres: Dimensional crossover and freezing

A geometrically based fundamental-measure free-energy density functional unified the scaled-particle and Percus-Yevick theories for the hard-sphere fluid mixture. It has been successfully applied to

General methods for free-volume theory.

A general scaled-particle method for convex bodies in terms of the characteristic geometrical measures of the depletion agent, i.e., its volume, surface area, and integrated mean curvature, in mixtures with hard spheres is given.