Density dependence of the ionization avalanche in ultracold Rydberg gases

  title={Density dependence of the ionization avalanche in ultracold Rydberg gases},
  author={Mirco Siercke and Fong En. Oon and Anita Mohan and Zhen Wang and M. J. Lim and Rainer Dumke},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We report on the behaviour of the ionization avalanche in an ensemble of ultracold 87Rb atoms coupled to a high lying Rydberg state and investigate extensions to the current model by including the effects of three-body recombination and plasma expansion. To separate the two effects we study the time dependence of the plasma formation at various densities as well as for different nS and nD states. At medium densities and low n we observe the onset of the avalanche as has been reported in other… 
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