Density by Moduli and Statistical Boundedness

  title={Density by Moduli and Statistical Boundedness},
  author={Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj and Shweta Dhawan and Sandeep Gupta},
  journal={Abstract and Applied Analysis},
We have generalized the notion of statistical boundedness by introducing the concept of -statistical boundedness for scalar sequences where is an unbounded modulus. It is shown that bounded sequences are precisely those sequences which are -statistically bounded for every unbounded modulus . A decomposition theorem for -statistical convergence for vector valued sequences and a structure theorem for -statistical boundedness have also been established. 
Density by Moduli and Lacunary Statistical Convergence
We have introduced and studied a new concept of -lacunary statistical convergence, where is an unbounded modulus. It is shown that, under certain conditions on a modulus , the concepts of lacunary
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It is shown that, under certain conditions on a modulus f, the concepts of Wijsman lacunary strong convergence with respect to amodulus f and f-Wijs man lacunARY statistical convergence are equivalent on bounded sequences.
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f-Statistical convergence of order α and strong Cesàro summability of order α with respect to a modulus
In this paper, following a very recent and new approach of Aizpuru et al. (Quaest. Math. 37:525-530, 2014), we further generalize a concept of α-density to that of fα$f_{\alpha}$-density, where f is


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  • J. Connor
  • Philosophy, Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • 1989
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