Density and viscosity study of N-(4-bromophenyl) maleanilic acid and N-(4- bromophenyl) maleimide in aqueous DMSO at 298.15 and 303.15 K

  • Jayraj S. Aher, Dnyaneshwar D. Lokhande, Keshao A. Mahale
  • Published 2017


Density and viscosity of N-(4-bromophenyl) maleanilic acid and N-(4-bromophenyl) maleimide have been measured in 80% aqueous dimethyl sulphoxide at 298.15 and 303.15 K. From the experimental data, parameters such as apparent molar volume, limiting apparent molar volume, semi-empirical parameter, Falkenhagen and Jones Dole viscosity coefficients were… (More)


3 Figures and Tables