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Densities probabilities of a Bose-Fermi Mixture in 1D Double well potential

  title={Densities probabilities of a Bose-Fermi Mixture in 1D Double well potential},
  author={Jorge Nisperuza and J. P. Rubio and Ricardo Avella},
We use the two mode approximation for a interacting one-dimensional spinless soft core bosons and one half spin fermions in a double-well potential with a large central barrier. We include all the on-site boson-boson, fermion-fermion and boson-fermion repulsive contact potential represented by delta-function and considered bosonic and fermionic isotopes of ytterbium(Yb) Y b and Y b respectively. By means of the approximation, we find that in the regime UBF > UBB give rise to a immiscible phase… 

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