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Denoising autoencoder with modulated lateral connections learns invariant representations of natural images

  title={Denoising autoencoder with modulated lateral connections learns invariant representations of natural images},
  author={Antti Rasmus and T. Raiko and H. Valpola},
  • Antti Rasmus, T. Raiko, H. Valpola
  • Published 2015
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • CoRR
  • Suitable lateral connections between encoder and decoder are shown to allow higher layers of a denoising autoencoder (dAE) to focus on invariant representations. In regular autoencoders, detailed information needs to be carried through the highest layers but lateral connections from encoder to decoder relieve this pressure. It is shown that abstract invariant features can be translated to detailed reconstructions when invariant features are allowed to modulate the strength of the lateral… CONTINUE READING
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