Denoising and Harmonic Detection Using Nonorthogonal Wavelet Packets in Industrial Applications

  title={Denoising and Harmonic Detection Using Nonorthogonal Wavelet Packets in Industrial Applications},
  author={Paolo Mercorelli},
  journal={Journal of Systems Science and Complexity},
  • Paolo Mercorelli
  • Published 1 September 2007
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Systems Science and Complexity
New industrial applications call for new methods and new ideas in signal analysis. Wavelet packets are new tools in industrial applications and they have just recently appeared in projects and patents. In training neural networks, for the sake of dimensionality and of ratio of time, compact information is needed. This paper deals with simultaneous noise suppression and signal compression of quasi-harmonic signals. A quasi-harmonic signal is a signal with one dominant harmonic and some more sub… 
A new image restoration approach by combining empirical wavelet transform and total variation using chaotic squirrel search optimization
Numerical tests indicate that the proposed method for disintegrating the input bubble, sound, and movement signal of the object/camera into appropriate coefficients by transforming the empirical wavelet could be able to substantially enhance restored pictures' efficiency and achieve greater SNR and structural similarity index scores likened to the present state of the art methodologies.
An Integrated Denoising Method for Sensor Mixed Noises Based on Wavelet Packet Transform and Energy-Correlation Analysis
An integrated denoising method for sensor mixed noises based on wavelet packet transform and energy-correlation analysis is proposed and results show that the proposed method is effective and is outperforming others.
Denoising algorithm based on bilateral filtering and improved wavelet threshold function
A novel algorithm which combines bilateral filter and image's method noise thresholding by using wavelet transform can effectively remove noise and has rich details, which is visually superior to other existing filtering algorithms.
Noise Suppression in 94 GHz Radar-Detected Speech Based on Perceptual Wavelet Packet
A new perceptual wavelet packet method is proposed that is able to enhance the speech acquired using a 94 GHz MMW radar system by suppressing the noise.
Signal Enhancement Algorithm for On-Line Detection of Multi-Metal Ions Based on Ultraviolet-visible Spectroscopy
The experimental results showed that the proposed adaptive algorithm combined with partial least squares regression was suitable for on-line detection of copper and cobalt in zinc hydrometallurgy, allowing it to have many applications.
Harmonic Detection Using the Direct Weight Determination Neural Network
A novel harmonic detection algorithm using the direct weight determination neural network for the electric power system that can avoid the tediously long weight training and get the proper weight including the information of phase and amplitude of harmonic detection.
Best Wavelet Packet Power Measurement Based on Energy Threshold Entropy
  • W. Xuewei, Zhao Yong, Wang Lin
  • Engineering
    2011 Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation
  • 2011
Firstly, a sub-band energy threshold entropy was proposed as information measurement cost function. Then a novel best wavelet packet power measurement algorithm was proposed, which can decompose


A black box identification in frequency domain
Harmonic oscillations as integer multiples of the fundamental frequency in a power system are caused by nonlinear physical effects such as switching or saturation. Modelling and detection of these
Noise Level Estimation Using Haar Wavelet Packet Trees for Sensor Robust Outlier Detection
The paper presented a free thresholding method related to the on-line peak noise variance estimation even for signal with small S/N ratio, which is present in some industrial software platforms to detect sensor outliers.
Power quality disturbance detection and classification using wavelets and artificial neural networks
A method to detect and classify power quality problems using a novel combination of digital filtering, wavelets and artificial neural networks is developed, a step toward the goal of automating the real-time monitoring, detection and classification of power signals.
Image compression through wavelet transform coding
If pictures can be characterized by their membership in the smoothness classes considered, then wavelet-based methods are near-optimal within a larger class of stable transform-based, nonlinear methods of image compression.
Simultaneous noise suppression and signal compression using a library of orthonormal bases and the minimum-description-length criterion
  • N. Saito
  • Computer Science, Geology
    Defense, Security, and Sensing
  • 1994
An algorithm to estimate a discrete signal from its noisy observation, using a library of orthonormal bases and the information-theoretic criterion called minimum description length (MDL), and the method has been applied usefully to various geophysical datasets containing many transient features.
Wavelets: A Tutorial in Theory and Applications
Orthogonal wavelets daubechies' scaling function on (0.3), D. Pollen wavelet matrices and the representation of discrete functions, P.N. Heller, et al wavelets and generalized functions, G.G. Walter
Matching pursuits with time-frequency dictionaries
The authors introduce an algorithm, called matching pursuit, that decomposes any signal into a linear expansion of waveforms that are selected from a redundant dictionary of functions. These
An adaptive Kalman filter for dynamic estimation of harmonic signals
  • S. Liu
  • Engineering
    8th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power. Proceedings (Cat. No.98EX227)
  • 1998
In electrical railway systems there is often a need of detecting or/and predicting harmonic signals contained in measurement data for vehicle control or monitoring purpose. An efficient on-line
Wavelets in identification