Denitrification kinetics of simulated fish processing wastewater at different ratios of nitrate to biomass

  title={Denitrification kinetics of simulated fish processing wastewater at different ratios of nitrate to biomass},
  author={Orlando Soto and Omar Jacobo Santos S{\'a}nchez and Estrella R Asp{\'e} and Marlene D Roeckel},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
Denitrification was studied in anoxic batch cultures of a simulated fish processing wastewater at 37 r C and pH 7.5, using a denitrifying enrichment culture from fishery wastewater. Different initial nitrate to biomass ratios (So/Xo) were used: nitrate and biomass varied from 7.5 to 94.7 mg NO3-N l−1, and from 20 to 4300 mg volatile suspended solids l−1, respectively. The specific maximum denitrification rate (r m) and the cell yield (Y X / S) depended on the So/Xo ratio under anoxic conditions… CONTINUE READING


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