Denitrification associated with periphyton communities.

  title={Denitrification associated with periphyton communities.},
  author={F J Triska and Ronald S. Oremland},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={42 4},
Scrapings of decomposing Cladophora sp. mats (periphyton) covering stream bed rocks produced N(2)O when incubated under N(2) plus 15% C(2)H(2). Denitrification (N(2)O formation) was enhanced by NO(3) and was inhibited by autoclaving, Hg, and O(2). No N(2)O was formed in the absence of C(2)H(2) (air or N(2) atmosphere). Chloramphenicol did not block N(2)O formation, indicating that the enzymes were constitutive. In field experiments, incubation of periphyton scrapings in the light inhibited… CONTINUE READING

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