Denitrification activity and relevant bacteria revealed by nitrite reductase gene fragments in soil of temperate mixed forest.

  title={Denitrification activity and relevant bacteria revealed by nitrite reductase gene fragments in soil of temperate mixed forest.},
  author={Chie Katsuyama and Naho Kondo and Yuichi Suwa and Takao Yamagishi and Masayuki Itoh and Nobuhito Ohte and Hiroyuki Kimura and Kazuyo Nagaosa and Kenji Kato},
  journal={Microbes and environments},
  volume={23 4},
Denitrification activity and bacterial community constituents were investigated in both well-drained and poorly drained soils of a temperate forest in central Japan by (15)N tracer experiments and a cloning-sequencing approach. Denitrification activity was much higher in wet soil than in dry soil, based on (15)N(15)N ((30)N(2)) and (15)N(15)NO ((46)N(2)O) production. Labeled nitrate ((15)NO(3)(-)) was immediately reduced to (30)N(2) in wet soil, whereas it was only reduced to (46)N(2)O in dry… CONTINUE READING


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