Dengue fever in travellers: A challenge for European physicians.

  title={Dengue fever in travellers: A challenge for European physicians.},
  author={Uditha Bulugahapitiya and Sajith Siyambalapitiya and Suranjith L Seneviratne and Devaka J S Fernando},
  journal={European journal of internal medicine},
  volume={18 3},
Dengue fever (DF) is one of the world's emerging infectious diseases. The steady increase in European tourists, as well as soldiers serving on peacekeeping duties, in endemic areas, coupled with the present resurgence of dengue, raises the risk of exposure for a large number of European travellers. Significant numbers of travellers have, in fact, developed DF. There is a risk of dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) in travellers who revisit the same place, and they have the potential not only to… CONTINUE READING

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