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Introduction : Dengue is a vector-borne viral infection that endangers an estimated 2.5 billion people. Disease caused by dengue ranges from a relatively minor febrile illness to a life-threatening condition characterized by extensive capillary leak. A greater understanding of dengue has the potential to improve both the clinical management of individual cases and the control of the disease. Sources of data : We searched the available literature using PubMed, Embase and Web of Science for… 

Dengue Outbreak is a Global Recurrent Crisis: Review of the Literature

The increasing number of reported cases indicated the worldwide distribution of the mosquito vectors, which was further facilitated by the growth in the shipping and commerce industries and several optical, microfluidic and electrochemical methods have been developed.

Dengue Fever: An Overview

This chapter reviews the etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, pathophysiology, transmissions, manifestations, diagnosis and treatment, treatment, and prevention of dengue.

Seropositivity to dengue and associated risk factors among non-malarias acute febrile patients in Arba Minch districts, southern Ethiopia

The high IgM prevalence detected indicate the probability of active transmission with a potential of public health significance that calls for a proactive follow up of the communities in the study area to forecast and avert the risk.

Dengue Fever: Therapeutic Potential of Carica papaya L. Leaves

This review summarizes all the scientific reports on Carica papaya L. leaves for its ability on three aspects of dengue: antiviral activities, prevention of thrombocytopenia and improvement of immunity during d Dengue fever.

The analysis of clinical and laboratory data: a large outbreak of dengue fever in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, China

The study showed that laboratory indices have significantly difference in PDF, DHF and SDF patients, and could assist and guide the clinical diagnosis for DF, which has an important significance for the control of dengue virus infection.

Clinical features and management of children with dengue-associated obstructive shock syndrome: A case report

This study highlights the clinical manifestations and management of children with dengue obstructive shock syndrome and underscores the importance of monitoring hemodynamics by consecutive POCUS at the bedside in order to make a timely diagnosis and assess intravascular fluid volume inadequacy accurately as well as closely monitor the fluid management responses.

Severe Thrombocytopenia Associated with Dengue Fever: An Evidence-Based Approach to Management of Thrombocytopenia

A case of a traveler infected with dengue virus is presented and the approach to treat thrombocytopenia is discussed, with no clear benefits in reduction of severe bleeding or improvement of the platelet count.

Real-time dengue forecast for outbreak alerts in Southern Taiwan

The results indicate that numbers of dengue cases in Kaohsiung are associated with humidity and the biting rate (BR), and the proposed real-time forecast model can help health agencies take public health actions to mitigate the influences of the epidemic.

Hematological indices as predictors of mortality in dengue shock syndrome: A retrospective study

Total leucocyte count, absolute neutrophil count, and total platelet count are significantly higher, and mean platelet volume is significantly lower in the non-survivor group as compared to the survivor group.



Risk factors and clinical features associated with severe dengue infection in adults and children during the 2001 epidemic in Chonburi

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