Dendroidal Sets

  title={Dendroidal Sets},
  author={Ieke Moerdijk and Ittay Weiss},
We introduce the concept of a dendroidal set. This is a generalization of the notion of a simplicial set, specially suited to the study of (coloured) operads in the context of homotopy theory. We define a category of trees, which extends the category  used in simplicial sets, whose presheaf category is the category of dendroidal sets. We show that there is a closed monoidal structure on dendroidal sets which is closely related to the Boardman–Vogt tensor product of (coloured) operads… Expand
C∗–algebraic drawings of dendroidal sets
In recent years the theory of dendroidal sets has emerged as an important framework for higher algebra. In this article we introduce the concept of a $C^*$-algebraic drawing of a dendroidal set. ItExpand
On the combinatorics of faces of trees and anodyne extensions of dendroidal sets
We discuss the combinatorics of faces of trees in the context of dendroidal sets and develop a systematic treatment of dendroidal anodyne extensions. As the main example and our motivation, we proveExpand
Homology of dendroidal sets
We define for every dendroidal set X a chain complex and show that this assignment determines a left Quillen functor. Then we define the homology groups $H_n(X)$ as the homology groups of this chainExpand
Dendroidal sets and simplicial operads
We establish a Quillen equivalence relating the homotopy theory of Segal operads and the homotopy theory of simplicial operads, from which we deduce that the homotopy coherent nerve functor is aExpand
Dendroidal sets as models for homotopy operads
The homotopy theory of infinity-operads is defined by extending Joyal's homotopy theory of infinity-categories to the category of dendroidal sets. We prove that the category of dendroidal sets isExpand
Dendroidal sets as models for connective spectra
Dendroidal sets have been introduced as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads. We introduce the notion of fully Kan dendroidal sets and show that there is a model structure on theExpand
Algebraic K-Theory of ∞-Operads
The theory of dendroidal sets has been developed to serve as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads, see [MW07, CM13b]. An ∞-operad is a dendroidal set D satisfying certain liftingExpand
Algebraic K-Theory of infinity-Operads
The theory of dendroidal sets has been developed to serve as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads by Moerdijk and Weiss. An infinity-operad is a dendroidal set D satisfying certainExpand
Homology of infinity-operads
In a first part of this paper, we introduce a homology theory for infinity-operads and for dendroidal spaces which extends the usual homology of differential graded operads defined in terms of theExpand
Minimal fibrations of dendroidal sets
We prove the existence of minimal models for fibrations between dendroidal sets in the model structure for infinity-operads, as well as in the covariant model structure for algebras and in the stableExpand


On quasi-categories as a foundation for higher algebraic stacks
We develop the basic theory of quasi-categories (a.k.a. weak Kan complexes or (oo, 1)categories as in [BV73], [Joy], [Lur06]) from first principles, i.e. without reference to model categories orExpand
Les Pr'efaisceaux comme mod`eles des types d''homotopie
Grothendieck introduced in Pursuing Stacks the notion of test category . These are by definition small categories on which presheaves of sets are models for homotopy types of CW-complexes. A wellExpand
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