Dendritic cells of the mouse recognized by two monoclonal antibodies.

  title={Dendritic cells of the mouse recognized by two monoclonal antibodies.},
  author={M Breel and R E Mebius and Georg Kraal},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={17 11},
A new monoclonal antibody, MIDC-8, is described which shows a comparable tissue distribution as the recently described NLDC-145 antibody. It recognizes interdigitating cells, veiled cells and Langerhans cells in lymphoid organs and the skin of the mouse. In contrast to NLDC-145 it recognizes a cytoplasmic component of these cell types. Its distribution is more restricted to the T cell-dependent areas than NLDC-145. Isolation of dendritic cells from lymph nodes, spleen and thymus revealed that… CONTINUE READING

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