Dendritic cells in rheumatoid inflammation

  title={Dendritic cells in rheumatoid inflammation},
  author={Kristian Waalen and {\O}ystein Torleiv F{\o}rre and Jacob B. Natvig},
  journal={Springer Seminars in Immunopathology},
Rheumatoid inflammatory synovial and blood DC seem to have the same characteristics as LDC. Thus, the cells are strongly positive for class II MHC antigens and the common leukocyte antigen, while they lack almost all other mononuclear cell markers. Rheumatoid DC also produce IL-1, a cytokine which has many different functions in the rheumatoid inflammation. IL-1 is involved in tissue destruction and in triggering of T lymphocytes as well as in the maturation of B lymphocytes. The rheumatoid… CONTINUE READING

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