Dendritic cell-based glioma immunotherapy (review).

  title={Dendritic cell-based glioma immunotherapy (review).},
  author={Ryuya Yamanaka and Naoki Yajima and Takashi Abe and Naoto Tsuchiya and Junpei Homma and Miwako Narita and Masuhiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Tanaka},
  journal={International journal of oncology},
  volume={23 1},
Despite advances in radiation and chemotherapy along with surgical resectioning, the prognosis of patients with malignant glioma is poor. Among the new treatments currently being investigated for malignant glioma, immunotherapy is theoretically very attractive, since it offers the potential for high tumor-specific cytotoxicity. There are increasing reports… CONTINUE READING