Dendritic Learning as a Paradigm Shift in Brain Learning.

  title={Dendritic Learning as a Paradigm Shift in Brain Learning.},
  author={Shira Sardi and Roni Vardi and Amir Goldental and Yael Tugendhaft and Herut Uzan and Ido Kanter},
  journal={ACS chemical neuroscience},
  volume={9 6},
Experimental and theoretical results reveal a new underlying mechanism for fast brain learning process, dendritic learning, as opposed to the misdirected research in neuroscience over decades, which is based solely on slow synaptic plasticity. The presented paradigm indicates that learning occurs in closer proximity to the neuron, the computational unit, dendritic strengths are self-oscillating, and weak synapses, which comprise the majority of our brain and previously were assumed to be… CONTINUE READING

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