Dendritic BC1 RNA in translational control mechanisms

  title={Dendritic BC1 RNA in translational control mechanisms},
  author={Huidong Wang and Anna Iacoangeli and Daisy Chan Kwai Lin and Keith W Williams and Robert B. Denman and Christopher U. T. Hellen and Henri Tiedge},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={811 - 821}
Translational control at the synapse is thought to be a key determinant of neuronal plasticity. How is such control implemented? We report that small untranslated BC1 RNA is a specific effector of translational control both in vitro and in vivo. BC1 RNA, expressed in neurons and germ cells, inhibits a rate-limiting step in the assembly of translation initiation complexes. A translational repression element is contained within the unique 3' domain of BC1 RNA. Interactions of this domain with… CONTINUE READING
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